Hi! We're Madison & Denise, owners of Millie Rose Boutique. We started Millie Rose to fulfill our dream of being small business owners.

The name Millie Rose came from Madison's daughter, Millie and the meaning and significance of the rose to Denise. We have always been huge advocates of self-love and self-confidence. We are working to embody these by chasing our dream of owning our own business. When Millie was born, those values became even more important to promote and LIVE! As a new mom, Madison wants to instill these values in Millie as she grows up. 

"In literature, roses often symbolize love and beauty. Roses are a frequently used flower symbol. From a Christian perspective, a rose is a symbol of heaven."

Our mission at Millie Rose Boutique is to provide quality, beautiful and affordable baby clothes, girls clothes and boys clothes that will allow kids to be kids while still looking FABULOUS. Who says babies can't be fashionable? 

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